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Felexa is the Iranian Tourism Social Network that in the first place wants to connect travelers in search of unique travel experiences with locals who are ready to show them around their cities. Felexa connect travelers to unique Iran tours defined based on tourists’ interests. All of these tours are defined by local trusted people. Felexa also tries to introduce different historical and cultural attractions of Iran.
Expanding tourism and travelling stand tall at the heart of Felexa’s goals. It provides opportunity for inbound tourists to obtain information about tourist activities and attractions in Iran. It also helps entrepreneurs and business people to present their services in a better, more creative way. Felexa aims at introducing Iran’s unknowns to the world by connecting tourists with locals. We help travelers discover and choose from verified special local tours according to tour duration, tour price, destinations and attractions of the tour, previous tourists experience reviews and tourist styles of travel (Felexa Tribes). Travelers can enjoy the freedom to tailor Iran tours with locals by sending an email to services@felexa.com .
Also our users are able to share their photos, videos and experiences of their travels. Users can search for other users having common interests and can get to know other’s experiences in the realm of Iran tourism. Felexa is an opportunity for tourists to better plan their journeys when they are looking for information of the destinations, places near them, tourist routes in Iran and even when they don’t know which attractions they should visit and what they should do.
Felexa is home to tourism and travel fans and is full of some new, authentic and genuine ideas in the realm of tourism. We hope to always surprise you with new changes and new ideas in our site. We hope to employ the best, most interesting and most convenient services, together with you, in our website. So if you have an idea, send it to us on services@felexa.com ;
Felexa, proudly, will be part of your unique experience in Iran.
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