Felexa is getting expanded day by day, so we need to bring in new blood with creative minds and people with high potential from all around Iran. If you are recently graduated from university and don’t have any job experience and also seeking internship or have worked for years and have excellent skills and job experience, we welcome you to join our team. We are looking for you! Felexa is looking for creative and imaginative minds who have no definition for Limitation in their dictionaries and who are always searching for the best taking into account the most simple and creative methods.
The list below shows the present staff requirements of Felexa:
1: Social network manager
2: Web programmer
3: Translator
4: Felexa operator (Tehran)
5: Graphic Designer
6: IT force
7: Content Designer (all provinces)
8: Marketer (all provinces)
Of course, there is no limit in cooperation and if you reckon that you can cooperate with us in this national-international project; you only need to send your resume to us so that after scrutinizing your resume if we see you eligible, we will put you in.
Send your resume to abu@felexa.com. Your resume should contain the following information:
o Personal information (Biography summary)
o Contact information (E-mail, address and a cellphone number so we can reach you easily)
o Educational Background (all academic, institutional and tutorial education that you have)
o Employment Background (write about your problem-solving skills in your previous jobs and also creative ideas that you have employed in those jobs)
o Level of involvement in the job (part time or full time)
o Proposed payment
*important: write about your personal interests, your hobbies, thing that you do in your free time, your personality, etc.
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