Felexa is a social network which aims at enhancing tourism and travel in Iran. It connects tourists from all around the world to local tours and guides in Iran. This experience makes the tourist’s travel quality very authentic as he/she gets acquainted with local cultures presented to travelers via local tours. We also help tourists to cut their travel’s cost by cutting out the middlemen and choose the best tour fitting their interests, also try to boost prosperity in rural tourism by having local people earn more money than before.

If you are a tourist:

Our guides are here to introduce you tour itineraries based on their experiences and knowledge they have of local places and attractions.

Either being in rural areas or in metropolitan areas, our local guides are waiting for you to show you around their city, town or village. You only need to search them in your home page, profile of each district or in the page of guide's list.

Local guides have profile fully described which includes their personal information, city expertise, languages they speak, their profession background, activity type and places that they will take you to(tribe) and their daily payment. You can also read other tourists’ opinions about the guides you like to meet in their profile.

you can browse our different tours and choose among them based on your interests and your tribes. be sure that our local guides are verified and have good deal of experience in the tours they hold.

If you are a local guide:

If you are a licensed guide of your city, you can contact us to be able to define your tours in our website. We will read your resume and do a background check on you. If you were recognized eligible, we will give you a page to advertise your tours.

The tours you define are categorized based on our twelve tribes. you can give information about your tour and the services you offer.

Earn money! If you have not yet earned money by means of guiding people in the city or village of your residence or you have had low income, start working. Creating an account and making a profile is free in Felexa. Complete your profile, so you can be seen by tourists.

Decide your own daily payment and work any time you like. An enjoyable job! You will decide who to meet and accompany and also when to meet and accompany these tourists. Everything is at your service.

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