Felexa with regard to customers’ views and bountiful , young and creative thoughts that exist in our country will support the genuine ideas in the realm of tourism and travel and will use these ideas to improve our countries’ tourism so that we will celebrate Iran reaching a peak in tourism together. Taking all these into account, the site manager has given this opportunity to Felexa’s visitors and members to get some exquisite gifts for giving the most creative, feasible ideas.
Give ideas, get gifts: we will give a very especial gift to the idea that has characteristics like authenticity, genuineness, feasibility and being in line with Felexa’s goals. It is good to mention that there is no time limitation in giving this gift to the best idea, anytime that a new idea popped into your minds in the realm of tourism and you wrote it down and completed it, send it to us. We will polish the idea together and in case of company’s approval and your interest in cooperating to employ the idea, we will work together to make it happen.
See no limitation for yourself and send us your ideas. For sending your ideas and suggestions you can use to contact us and explain your Idea.
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