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Filband, Above the clouds Tour
Touch the clouds

Tour Guide : ahmad talaee
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     Filband, a village in north of Iran in Mazandaran province, is all in clouds! It is so cold in winter that nobody lives there, but in summer, the weather gets warmer and cool.
It is not that easy to get to Filband. The Road is not flat and straight, and you need to make sure you have a good car to take you there Filband is cold most of times, so make sure to bring warm clothes.
Walk around and enjoy! If you are lucky, you can experience the sea of mists up in the village, a phenomenon Filband is famous for. One could just get lost in the clouds, and also see village from above, surrounded by beautiful clouds. Perhaps you should bring a snack along, cause it is most unlikely you find a shop to buy things (There are shops around, but they might be closed). There is a place available as well, where you can fill up your water bottle for the rest of your journey. Locals say this water has some medical benefits and can enhance the mineral concentration in human bones!

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طبیعت گردی اقتصادی
We will start our tour at 8 a.m. after 5 hours driving we will get to Filband village, then will experience a hiking into the mountains, on our way back to Tehran we also visit Alimastan jungle if time allows.
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1 Day(s)

Trekking shoes
Trekking pants
Trekking sticks
An umbrella
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