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Alamut Castle & Ovan lake Tour
The Falcon of Alborz Mountains

Tour Guide : ahmad talaee
 Description of Alamut Castle & Ovan lake Tour
     Alamut is a land of infinite wonders, located among natural extremes: soaring peaks of Alborz mountains and endless mountainous tracks, castles built at the apex of lofty rocks and lakes formed at the foothills visited by colorful migratory birds. Alamut has the most unique natural formations in Qazvin Province. One of these natural wonders, Ovan Lake, is a heterogeneous ecosystem in Alamut Valley and the natural environment of many species of fish and migratory birds. It is a great place for birdwatching. But the most popular spot is undoubtedly a number of historic forts attributed to a Isma’ili branch of Shia Islam known as The Hashashin. Hassan-i Sabbah, the founder and arch-master of the sect gathered a secret army in these forts and fought the invaders using different military tactics. Two of the most famous of these forts are Alamut’s Castle of Assassins and Lamasar Fortress. You might have heard of Alamut and its castle of Assassins in many books, movies and games inspired by (largely fictive) uncanny accounts of the events revolving around the castles and their inhabitants. The most popular of these are two Ubisoft games Prince of Persia and Assassins’ Creed both (especially the latter) borrowing many elements from the story of Alamut Castle in Iran and its feared Hashashins. People sometimes speak of the ancient city of Alamut, but such a place has never existed. Alamut has always been a fierce land with harsh mountainous weather and towering forts, but not a city. Once on the top of these awe-inspiring structures, you will have the whole valley under your feet and can get a glimpse of the Alamut attractions . The panorama is widely different depending on which season you travel to Alamut castles. It can either be a multicolored carpet of flowers or a smooth field of snow. But Alamut is a consummate location for off-road tours irrespective of weather. The region is ideal for a great number of off-road activities. Our off-road Alamut tours are really spectacular one-day packages with lots of fun and excitement in the land of the Assassins.

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طبیعت گردی اقتصادی تاریخ
The tour starts at 8 a.m., we will visit Ovan Lake on our way, we head to Alamut castle at 12 and get there at 1:30 then will have a lunch at a Local house and go up some stairs to get to the ramshackle castle, there you can enjoy the scenery and take beautiful panoramic pictures, after the visit we will enjoy snack and head back to Tehran
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1 Day(s)

Trekking shoes
Trekking pants (optional),
Trekking sticks (optional)
Warm clothes especially in autumn and winter
30 Euro
35 Euro
40 Euro
45 Euro
10 Euro
On Request
On Request

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