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Iran desert tour
The sun and the sand make it spectacular

Tour Guide : ahmad talaee
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     Iran is a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. Iran desert tours and desert safari explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land — areas rarely explored by others, making this a true journey of discovery. From the dunes of Lut desert to the dramatic Kalouts of the Shahdad.

This Iran desert safari and desert trekking is led by highly skilled and qualified guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and a vast knowledge of the natural world, history, and culture of Iran.

Sharing the adventure and guiding you on this journey of discovery is both a profession and a personal hobby. Explore the beauty of the Iran desert and its secrets within. Get a taste of the distinctive Iranian traditions and culture and enrich your knowledge and experiences in life with our Iran desert trekking. Join us for our next trip in Iran desert tours.

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طبیعت گردی ماجراجویی
Day 1 to 3:
Depending on the starting point we can visit Naein and Anarak. Then we will get into the dunes of Rig-e Jen desertwhich had not been crossed by humans until 2009. Locals believe that it is roamed by Jennies. So, we will figure it out by exploring different micro climates in this desert for 3 days.
Accommodation is camping and the food will be prepared by our chef. On the third evening, we will arrive at a local house bordering the desert for a taste of local hospitality. We get a chance to refresh and prepare to ride into the next desert.
Day 4 and 5:
After a short walk in the green farms between the dry lands, we continue our journey to the desert named “Mesr”, which means “Egypt” in Persian.
A few hundred years ago, a camel driver came to this desert to find his lost camel. When he saw the beauty of the place, he said “I will make my own Egypt here”. So he started to dig a Qanat for 5 km to bring water to this area and build a small village called Mesr.
This village was destroyed by a flood a few years ago. The beautiful desert in this region is named after the village. During our 2-day expedition, we pass through some small oasis which still bear traces of old desert architecture.
We will do one night of camping in the desert and then, at the second night we will arrive in Garmeh. This village has the biggest palm gardens in the region and is the beautiful home of the pioneer of traditional local accommodation in Iran, Maziar AleDavood. We will stay at his Ateshooni House for the night.

Day 6 and 7:
After a morning stroll through the palm gardens and the water cave in the village, we head to our next desert destination. It is again a unique and different place, so we keep it as a surprise for you to enjoy. The day before we arrive in Yazd, we visit one of the ancient villages on the way. Kharanagh and its fortress-like 4-storey architecture is at least 3000 years old.
Upon request of our guests, we might visit the Zoroastrian temple of Chak-Chak before we bring our guests to their hotel in Yazd.

 traditional accommodation like Inns, traditional houses, etc based on your request
7 Day(s)
1-    Accommodation in Standard Hotels
2-    Airport transfer
3-   Guidance of all the tour by our certified national/local tour guides who speaks your requested language.
4-    Air conditioned transfer based on your requested number of travelers
5-    One Iran Sim Card ( + 4G Fast Internet)
6-    7 days breakfast meal

Trekking shoes
Trekking pants (optional)
Sun hats
Drinking water
599 Euro
799 Euro
1099 Euro
1299 Euro
299 Euro
On Request
On Request

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