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Iran 14 days classical route
Iran highlights in full

Tour Guide : ahmad talaee
 Description of Iran 14 days classical route
     In this tour, you will see the most important touristic cities of Iran in full. most of historic sites of Iran including Perspolis nd Pasargadae are included in this 14 day tour

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Day 1: Flight to Iran, arrive to Imam Khomeini Airport. Meet & assist services outside transit hall of airport and transfer to hotel.
In first day, if your flight time allowed, there is a visit to Milad Tower, 435 meters tall and is the tallest tower in Iran, and the sixth-tallest telecommunication tower in the world.
Tehran is a living and growing capital city and as in the recent two centuries, the most important events in the history of the whole country has taken place here. Tehran, with its numerous museums, houses the most important collection of recent and remote Persian art and culture.
Day 2: Full day city tour of Tehran including a visit to the National Museum of Iran. This museum houses a marvelous collection including ceramics, potteries, stone figures and carvings dating from around the 5th millennium BC.
A visit to Golestan Palace followed by visiting National Jewels Museum. 
The Golestan is the former royal Qajar palace, One of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran. The Treasury of Iranian National -Royal- Jewels accommodates Iran's most precious jewelry collection.
Day 3: Full day city tour of Tehran including a visit to Grand Bazar of Tehran and Sa’adabad Palace.
Sa’ad abad complex is including lots of old buildings belonged to Qajar and Pahlavi, some of them are now museums and other like Green palace and White palace are decorated same as the time when the last two kings of Iran were lived there.
Day 4: Drive to Kashan via Qom by outside visit of Holy Shrine of Hazrat-e-Masoumeh.
Kashan, this attractive small oasis city was once a favorite of Shah Abbas who beautified it and asked to be buried here. Kashan is also home to some of the best traditional houses such as Brujerdi and Tabatabai. Houses as well as beautiful gardens such as Fin Garden.
Day 5: Drive to Isfahan via Abyaneh village. Abyaneh village should be considered among one of the most exceptional and amazing villages of Iran due to its numerous historical monuments. The grandeur of native and beautiful architecture of this village has made this village one of the unique attractions of Iran. 
We will also head to Matinabad desert eco-camp to have a tinge of wild life of desert.
Day 6: Isfahan is Iran’s masterpiece, the jewel of ancient Persia and one of the finest cities in the Islamic world. The exquisite blue mosaic tiles of Isfahan’s Islamic buildings, its expansive bazaar and the city’s gorgeous bridges demand as much of your time as you can spare. The history of the city dates back to 2700 years ago. It was the capital of Iran in a number of the post-Islamic periods, but its golden age was during the Safavid dynasty in 17th century. Isfahan with numerous monuments for which it is world-famous has the greatest attractions for tourists. It is really a museum in the open air.
Full day tour of Isfahan magnificent buildings; some of the greatest examples of Islamic architecture including the Royal (Naqsh-e-Jahan) square, the Imam & Sheikh Lotfullah mosques, Ali-Qapu Palace & Bazaar spanning 5 km.
Evening visit of Si-o-Se & Khaju bridges.
The 298m Si-o-Seh Bridge (Si-o-Se pol) which is known as the Bridge of 33 Arches, completed by Shah Abbas in 1602. 1km to the east, the Khaju Bridge built also in the mid-17th century by Shah Abbas. The 110m-long bridge is the most famous of Isfahan's bridges and has two levels of terraced arcades with original 17th century tiles and paintings.
Day 7: Full day city tour of Isfahan including Chehel Sotun Palace (forty columns) with its beautiful frescos located in a pretty garden. Shah Abbas originally built it as a pleasure pavilion and reception hall. On to Jame Mosque, a veritable museum of Islamic architecture, displaying styles from the 11th to the 18th centuries. On to Armenian quarter to visit Vank Cathedral, built between 1606 and 1655.
Afternoon free time for bazaar or a visit to shaking Minarets and Fire Temple.
Day 8: Drive to Yazd via Naein.
Naein is known for its carpets with classical designs; traditional textile workshops and the 10th century Jame Mosque.
Day 9: Yazd is still home to Iran’s largest community of Zoroastrians, and the best place to visit an Ateshkadeh (House of Eternal Fire) and the Towers of Silence, the Zoroastrian burial grounds. Although the temple is modern (built in the 1940s), the sacred fire has been burning since 470 AD. Yazd is also an amazing ancient city with its unique desert architecture and its “Badgirs”, the wind towers designed to catch and circulate the merest breath of wind. The mosques of Yazd are like no others and the magnificent Jame Mosque dominates the old city. Its remarkably high, tiled entrance, flanked with two magnificent minarets and adorned with an inscription from the 15th century, is simply superb. This city has always been a great weaving center, known for its silks and other fabrics even before Marco Polo passed through along one of the Silk Routes in the late 13th century.
Also visiting of Dolat Abad Garden and the stunning three-storey façade of the Tekyeh in the Amir Chakhmaq Complex at the evening is the last stop.
Day 10: After breakfast drive to Kerman.
Excursion to the oasis city of Mahan, 35 km in southeast of Kerman. Mahan attracts visitors for its fine mausoleum and beautiful Bagh-e Shazdeh (Prince garden). The mausoleum dates from the early 15th century and the splendid dome over the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, a well-known Sufi dervish, is one of the most recognizable images of Iran.
Day 11: In Kerman visit of Ganjali-Khan bath. This bath was originally built in
1631 for Ganj Ali Khan, the governor of Kerman. Also visiting Jame Mosque.
Drive to Shiraz.
Day 12: A visit to the ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. There are few historic sites around the world as intriguing and beautiful as Persepolis in southern Iran, recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage site. You approach Persepolis on a long avenue, with Mount Mithra forming a dramatic backdrop to the columns of the Gate of All Nations and what remains of the hundred slender and decorative columns of the Apadana Palace. Planned and built by the Achaemenid king, Darius the Great, in 518 BC, and continued by his successor Xerxes, Persepolis was known far and wide as the City of the Persians, and still holds an important place in the nation’s heart two and a half thousand years later. 
Excursion to the Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), Necropolis (Naghsh-e-Rostam) and Naqsh-e Rajab.
Day 13: “Blessed be Shiraz in its unparalleled state/May God Almighty guard against its demise.” So wrote Hafez, the revered 14th century poet and native of Shiraz, a verse that has become for many the unofficial slogan of Iran’s esteemed cultural capital. Shiraz is a city steeped in history and poetry, and should be found at the top of any tourist’s itinerary. 
City tour of Shiraz beauties including Eram Garden, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Vakil Mosque, the mausoleum of the famous Iranian poet Hafez, Sa`adi Tomb, and Bazaar-e-Vakil.
Day 14: Transfer to airport for departure after breakfast at the hotel.
We use good quality hotels rated at the Iranian 4-star or 5-star level or traditional houses based on passenger request. Accommodation is based on double or twin rooms with air conditioning. All couples will have a private double room.
14 Day(s)
1-	13 nights of Accommodation in Standard 4/5 stars Hotels.
2-	Airport transfer.
3-	Guidance all the tour by our certified tour guides who speaks English.
4-	Land travel in Iran by an air-conditioned vehicle.
5-	Meals: 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches, and 0 dinner.
6-	All Entrance Fees.
+ One Local Sim Card (2 Weeks 4G Internet)
What's not included:
1- Iran Visa
2- International Flights 

3-  Dinner
4- Tips and Personal Expenses
Warm clothes in winter
your personal glass
1499 Euro
1899 Euro
2399 Euro
2599 Euro
499 Euro
On Request
On Request

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