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Each one of us have our own reasons to choose a destination to visit in our holidays. Surely our characteristics and interests and our personality types play a big role in our choices. In other words, everyone has some interests that affect his decisions in his/her travel. He/she is searching for an activity or a place that respond to his needs and interests. This fact has made different activates and places suitable for different types of travellers.
In Felexa, for the first time, we have classifications of touristic activities. After registering in the site, you can go to the “Tribe” section and choose among the tourism categories, those you are interested in. Felexa’s “Tribe” is consisted of 12(at the moment) different tribes and users can see and follow the destinations related to tribe they have chosen right after tagging that tribe. These tribes are as follows:
رویداد محور
فرهنگ محلی
طبیعت گردی
آرامش - درمان
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