Internet is a very powerful and useful tool and media, but when it comes to Spam senders and hackers that threaten the users’ privacy, we need to make sure that no one gets in. Felexa being a social media has laid the groundwork for users to feel safe to add their personal information to their account and to feel securely protected when they want to exchange their ideas in the realm of tourism.
In this site, users can, by signing up, engage in virtual social activities. We have designed our website for visitors in a way that entering personal information is not necessary for sign up and users would complete their profiles to their liking. Users should know that they are responsible for the privacy of their own personal private information and their contacts with other users and the website managers are not responsible for that. Therefore activities base on Felexa’s regulations will keep your privacy safe and secure. We will keep your information private unless Law bids us to give it out.
What kind of information is gathered?
When you visit our website, server would obtain the basic information about you that that include ISP, the time of your access to the website and the pages of Felexa you have visited; of course these are not your personal information and are only required to enhance the security of the site. We can at the same time use cookies that are small portions of information sent by our website to be kept in your computer or laptop. Cookies provide this opportunity for the website to be in contact with you directly. By gathering and reviewing the information about you, our website can stay consistent with your needs and your interests. Many web browsers let you control and manage cookies (please seek this option in your web browser). If you have disabled cookies, some sections of the site may not work properly.
How do we use the users’ information?
Basic information gathered about a user helps us in analysing the traffic of the website, developing the contents and improving the quality of Felexa’s servers. In our website may appear links that leads you to other websites; websites that are managed by companies that are not related to us. In fact theses links are there for advertisement purposes. We can’t guarantee the privacy policy of these sites and also the contents shown to you in these sites. Therefore we advise you to read the privacy terms of these sites to make sure that you agree their privacy policies.
We will keep the sent information in our system until more complete information is added by other users. We will keep your texts, photos, films or any other contents that you upload in our website until it is needed.
How can I protect my profile, my personal information and the things I have sent?
To protect your profile, things sent, and your personal information that are can be seen by others (in the default mode), you can go to your user option and stop guest users, motor searchers and the people who follow you and are not among your friends from accessing your profile information. It is good to mention that all the things sent by users (except private texts and the entry password of users) are controllable by website managers and in case of breaking the rules of the website the user’s account would be blocked.
Protecting the private information like entry password:
Each user’s password is taken as his/her privacy in Felexa. Your password will be saved in our database after cryptography process and none of managers have access to it. In Felexa , we provide a secure entry for users and also a strong human identity recognition of users.
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